Specify Backup

Use the Specify Backup dialog box to specify the backup media and location. The backup media could be a file, a tape, or a logical backup device.

To restore a database by using SQL Server Management Studio


  • Backup media
    Select the medium for the restore operation: File, Tape, or Backup Device. The Tape option appears only if a tape drive is mounted on the computer, and the Backup Device option appears, only if at least one backup device exists.


    In SQL Server 2005, you can restore a user database backup created using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, or SQL Server 2005. However, backups of master, model and msdb that were created by using SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000 cannot be restored. Also, SQL Server 7.0 log backups that contain create-index operations cannot be restored.

  • Backup location
    View, add, or remove media for the restore operation. The list can contain up to 64 files, tapes, or backup devices.

  • Add
    Adds the location of a backup device to the Backup location list. Depending on the type of media you select in the Backup media field, clicking Add opens one of the following dialog boxes.

    Media type

    Dialog box



    Locate Backup File

    In this dialog box, you can select a local file from the tree or specify a remote file using its fully qualified universal naming convention (UNC) name. For more information, see Backup Devices.


    Select Backup Device

    In this dialog box, you can select from a list of the logical backup devices defined on the server instance.


    Select Backup Tape

    In this dialog box, you can select from a list of the tape drives that are physically connected to the computer running the instance of SQL Server.

    If the list is full, the Add button is unavailable.

  • Remove
    Removes one or more selected files, tapes, or logical backup devices.

  • Contents
    Displays the media contents of a selected file, tape, or logical backup device.