Execute DTS 2000 Package Task Editor (Inner Variables Page)

Use the Inner Variables page of the Execute DTS 2000 Package Task Editor dialog box to specify and configure the inner variables that the task uses. Inner variables are global variables that the DTS package defines and to which you want to pass values from the parent package.

To learn about this task, see Execute DTS 2000 Package Task.


The Execute DTS 2000 Package task is provided only for purposes of backward compatibility with the deprecated component, Data Transformation Services (DTS). For more information, see Data Transformation Services (DTS).


  • Name
    Select an inner variable from the list.


    The list includes only variables defined as global variables in the DTS 2000 package.

  • Type
    Specify the data type of the variable.

  • Value
    Specify the value of the variable.


    The value must be compatible with the data type.

  • New
    Add an inner variable.

  • Delete
    Select an inner variable, and then click Delete.