Term Extraction Transformation Editor (Exclusion Tab)

Use the Exclusion tab of the Term Extraction Transformation Editor dialog box to set up a connection to an exclusion table and specify the columns that contain exclusion terms.

To learn more about the Term Extraction transformation, see Term Extraction Transformation.


  • Use exclusion terms
    Indicate whether to exclude specific terms during term extraction by specifying a column that contains exclusion terms. You must specify the following source properties if you choose to exclude terms.

  • OLE DB connection manager
    Select an existing OLE DB connection manager, or create a new connection by clicking New.

  • New
    Create a new connection to a database by using the Configure OLE DB Connection Manager dialog box.

  • Table or view
    Select the table or view that contains the exclusion terms.

  • Column
    Select the column in the table or view that contains the exclusion terms.

  • Configure Error Output
    Use the Configure Error Output dialog box to specify error handling for rows that cause errors.