Cluster Characteristics Tab (Mining Model Viewer View)

The Cluster Characteristics tab describes the attribute states that are included in the clusters that a clustering model contains.

For More Information:Microsoft Clustering Algorithm, Viewing a Mining Model with the Microsoft Cluster Viewer


  • Refresh viewer content
    Reload the mining model in the viewer.

  • Mining Model
    Choose a mining model to view that is contained in the current mining structure. The mining model will open in its associated viewer.

  • Viewer
    Choose a viewer to use to explore the selected mining model. This list includes the viewers that Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides for each mining model, the Microsoft Mining Content Viewer, and any plug-in viewers.

  • Cluster
    Choose a cluster for which you want to view the characteristics.

  • Characteristics for <cluster>
    Contains the following columns that describe the characteristics of the selected cluster.




    An attribute from the mining model that exists in the cluster.


    A state of the attribute that is contained in Variable.


    The probability that the attribute and the state that are selected in Variable and Values are contained within the cluster that is selected in Cluster.