Bulk Insert Task Editor (Options Page)

Use the Options page of the Bulk Insert Task Editor dialog box to set properties for the bulk insert operation. The Bulk Insert task copies large amounts of data into a Microsoft SQL Server table or view.

To learn about working with bulk inserts, see Bulk Insert Task and BULK INSERT (Transact-SQL).


  • CodePage
    Specify the code page of the data in the data file.

  • DataFileType
    Specify the data-type value to use in the load operation.

  • BatchSize
    Specify the number of rows in a batch. The default is the entire data file. If you set BatchSize to zero, the data is loaded in a single batch.

  • LastRow
    Specify the last row to copy.

  • FirstRow
    Specify the first row from which to start copying.

  • Options



    Check constraints

    Select to check the table and column constraints.

    Keep nulls

    Select to retain null values during the bulk insert operation, instead of inserting any default values for empty columns.

    Enable identity insert

    Select to insert existing values into an identity column.

    Table lock

    Select to lock the table during the bulk insert.

    Fire triggers

    Select to fire any insert, update, or delete triggers on the table.

  • SortedData
    Specify the ORDER BY clause in the bulk insert statement. The column name that you supply must be a valid column in the destination table. The default is false. This means that the data is not sorted by an ORDER BY clause.

  • MaxErrors
    Specify the maximum number of errors that can occur before the bulk insert operation is canceled. A value of 0 indicates that an infinite number of errors are allowed.


    Each row that cannot be imported by the bulk load operation is counted as one error.