Logging In to SQL Server

You can log in to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server by using any of the graphical administration tools or from a command prompt.

When you log in to an instance of SQL Server by using a graphical administration tool such as SQL Server Management Studio, you are prompted to supply the server name, a SQL Server login, and a password, if necessary. If you log in to SQL Server using Windows Authentication, you do not have to provide a SQL Server login each time you access an instance of SQL Server. Instead, SQL Server uses your Microsoft Windows account to log you in automatically. If SQL Server is running in mixed mode authentication (SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode), and you choose to log in using SQL Server Authentication, you must provide a SQL Server login and password. When possible, use Windows Authentication.


If you selected a case-sensitive collation when you installed SQL Server, your SQL Server login is also case sensitive.

For information about how to log in to SQL Server, see How to: Log In to an Instance of SQL Server (Command Prompt).