Monitoring Database Mirroring

This section introduces Database Mirroring Monitor and the sp_dbmmonitor system stored procedures, explains how database mirroring monitoring works (including the Database Mirroring Monitor Job), and summarizes the information that you can monitor about database mirroring sessions. Additionally, this section introduces how to define warning thresholds for a set of predefined database mirroring events and how to set up alerts on any database mirroring event.

You can monitor a mirrored database during a mirroring session to verify whether and how well data is flowing. To set up and manage monitoring for one or more of the mirrored databases on a server instance, you can use either Database Mirroring Monitor or the sp_dbmmonitor system stored procedures.

A database mirroring monitoring job, Database Mirroring Monitor Job, operates in the background, independently of Database Mirroring Monitor. SQL Server Agent calls Database Mirroring Monitor Job at regular intervals, the default is once a minute, and the job calls a stored procedure that updates mirroring status. If you use SQL Server Management Studio to start a mirroring session, Database Mirroring Monitor Job is created automatically. However, if you only use ALTER DATABASE <database_name> SET PARTNER to start mirroring, you must create the job by running a stored procedure.

In This Section

  • Monitoring Mirroring Status
    Contains information about the use of Database Mirroring Monitor or the dbmmonitor stored procedures to monitor one or more of the mirrored databases on any server instance, about how monitoring a mirrored database works, and about the status information returned by the Database Mirroring Monitor.

  • Using Warning Thresholds and Alerts on Mirroring Performance Metrics
    Contains information about the events for which warning thresholds can be configured and managed. This can be done by using Database Mirroring Monitor or the sp_dbmmonitorchangealert, sp_dbmmonitorhelpalert, and sp_dbmmonitordropalert stored procedures. Also contains information about configuring alerts on database mirroring events.

  • Additional Sources of Information about a Mirrored Database
    Introduces additional sources of information about database mirroring, including catalog views, performance counters, and database mirroring event notifications.

  • Monitoring Database Mirroring How-to Topics (Database Engine)
    Contains procedure topics for monitoring database mirroring.

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