Scenarios for Bulk Importing and Exporting Data

The bcp command, BULK INSERT statement, or INSERT ... SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK...) statement support several basic scenarios. The following table summarizes the scenarios that are supported by each of these methods:


Bulk importing into a partitioned view is unsupported by bcp, BULK INSERT, or INSERT ... SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK...). Attempts to bulk import data into a partitioned view fail.

The following topics discuss the major scenarios.



Copying Data Between Servers

Contains descriptions of the different data formats that you can use when copying data between instances of Microsoft SQL Server.

Copying Data Between Different Collations

Contains instructions on how to transfer data between different collations, including the use of either column-level collations or code pages that apply to all the columns.

Exporting Data from a Query to a Data File

Contains information on how to export a result set from a Transact-SQL statement to a data file.

Exporting Data from or Importing Data to a Temporary Table

Contains information on how to export or import data to or from a temporary table.

Bulk Exporting Data from or Bulk Importing Data to a View

Contains information on how to export or import data to or from a view.