ScriptNameObjectBase.GetTextForScript Method (ScriptingOptions, Boolean, array<String[])

Gets the text for scripting.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll)


Protected Function GetTextForScript ( _
    so As ScriptingOptions, _
    forCreate As Boolean, _
    expectedObjectTypes As String() _
) As String
Dim so As ScriptingOptions
Dim forCreate As Boolean
Dim expectedObjectTypes As String()
Dim returnValue As String

returnValue = Me.GetTextForScript(so, _
    forCreate, expectedObjectTypes)
protected string GetTextForScript(
    ScriptingOptions so,
    bool forCreate,
    string[] expectedObjectTypes
String^ GetTextForScript(
    ScriptingOptions^ so, 
    bool forCreate, 
    array<String^>^ expectedObjectTypes
member GetTextForScript : 
        so:ScriptingOptions * 
        forCreate:bool * 
        expectedObjectTypes:string[] -> string 
protected function GetTextForScript(
    so : ScriptingOptions, 
    forCreate : boolean, 
    expectedObjectTypes : String[]
) : String


  • forCreate
    Type: System.Boolean
    A Boolean value that specifies whether the text is used in the creation of an object.
    If True, the text is used for the creation of an object. Otherwise, False.
  • expectedObjectTypes
    Type: array<System.String[]
    A String array that specifies the expected object types.

Return Value

Type: System.String
A String value that specifies the text for scripting.