RowIndexOutOfRangeException Class

The exception that is thrown when an invalid index is supplied when accessing a row in a PipelineBuffer.

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Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.PipelineHost (in Microsoft.SqlServer.PipelineHost.dll)


<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Class RowIndexOutOfRangeException _
    Inherits ApplicationException
Dim instance As RowIndexOutOfRangeException
public class RowIndexOutOfRangeException : ApplicationException
public ref class RowIndexOutOfRangeException : public ApplicationException
type RowIndexOutOfRangeException =  
        inherit ApplicationException
public class RowIndexOutOfRangeException extends ApplicationException

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Public method RowIndexOutOfRangeException Initializes a new instance of the RowIndexOutOfRangeException class.



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This exception is thrown when attempting to access a row in a PipelineBuffer by index and the supplied index is either greater than the number of rows in the buffer or is less than zero.

Accessing the CurrentRow property of the PipelineBuffer object without first calling NextRow will also throw this exception because the CurrentRow property has not been advanced to the first row in the collection.


The following code example throws a RowIndexOutOfRangeException because NextRow has not been called first.

public override void ProcessInput(int inputID, PipelineBuffer buffer)
//while (buffer.NextRow())
BufferColumn bc = buffer.GetColumnInfo(0);
catch (RowIndexOutOfRangeException e )
Public Overloads Overrides Sub ProcessInput(ByVal inputID As Integer, ByVal buffer As PipelineBuffer) 
   Dim bc As BufferColumn = buffer.GetColumnInfo(0) 
 Catch e As RowIndexOutOfRangeException 
 End Try 
End Sub

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