How to: Create a Shared Folder for Report Server File Share Delivery

You can create subscriptions that deliver reports to shared folders that are accessible over network connections. When the subscription runs, the report server connects to the shared folder using credentials that you specify in the subscription, and then writes the file to the shared folder. In order for file delivery to succeed, you must set write access permissions on the shared folder. In addition, users who require access to the reports must have read permissions on the shared folder.


Share permissions that you define on a shared folder are different from NTFS permissions. You can assign Read, Change, and Full Control permissions on a shared folder. Be sure to choose Full Control so that you have sufficient permission to add files to the folder. After you assign Full Control, you can set NTFS permissions to reduce the overall permissions so that the account has Read and Write permissions only. For more information, see Share Permissions on the TechNet Web site.

To create and set permissions on a shared folder

  1. In Windows Explorer, create a folder.

  2. Right-click the folder and select Properties.

  3. On the Sharing tab, click Share this folder.

  4. Specify a share name. By default, the folder name is used for the share name.

  5. Specify user limits on the number of open connections if you do not want to use the default values. The report server requires two connections, but you must include enough connections to accommodate additional users who want to open reports on the shared folder.

  6. Click Permissions.

  7. Click Add.

  8. Enter the user account for which you want to provide write access to the shared folder. Subscriptions that deliver reports to a file share always specify the user name and password of an account that has permission to add a file to the target location. The account that you specify for the shared folder must be the same one that you will use in the subscription definition.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Select the account, and then grant Full Control to the account.

  11. Verify that users who will subsequently view the reports in the shared folder have Read permission. By default, the Everyone account has Read permissions, but you can limit access by specifying which group or user accounts have Read permissions on the folder.