How to: Create an Analysis Services Project Based on an Existing Analysis Services Database

You can create a new project in Business Intelligence Development Studio by using the Import Analysis Services 9.0 Database template. Creating a new project by using the Import Analysis Services 9.0 Database template creates a project containing all of the objects in the existing Analysis Services 9.0 Database. These objects can then be modified within the project, without immediately affecting the existing database, and the modified object in the project can then be deployed to the same Analysis Services database or to a newly created Analysis Services database for comparison testing.


You can use the Import Analysis Services 9.0 Database template to create a project from a production database to which changes have been made directly since the original Analysis Services project was deployed. For more information, see Working with Analysis Services Projects and Databases in a Production Environment.

To create an Analysis Services project using the Import Analysis Services 9.0 Database template

  1. On the File menu, select New and then select Project, or press Ctrl+Shift+N, to display the New Project dialog box, or click New Project on the toolbar.

  2. Select Business Intelligence Projects from the Project types pane in the New Project dialog box.

  3. Select Import Analysis Services 9.0 Database from the Visual Studio installed templates category of the New Project dialog box.

  4. Type the name of the project in the Name text box.

  5. Type or select the folder in which to store the files for the project in the Location dropdown list, or click Browse to select a folder.

  6. Either select Add to Solution to add the new project to the existing solution in the Solution dropdown list, or select Create new Solution to create a new solution.

  7. If Create new Solution is selected in Solution, select Create directory for solution to create a new folder for the new solution, then type the name of the new solution in Solution Name.

  8. Click OK.

Completing the Import Analysis Services 9.0 Database Wizard

  1. On the Welcome to the Import Analysis Services 9.0 Database Wizard page, click Next.

  2. On the Source Database page, specify the server and the database from which the wizard will extract the contents and create the Analysis Services project, and then click Next.

    You can either type the database name or query the server to view the existing databases on the server.

  3. When the wizard finishes extracting the contents of the Analysis Services 9.0 database, click Finish on the Completing the Wizard page.

  4. Open the Solution Explorer window to view the contents of the project.