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SQL Server 

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Integration Services 

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Message Text

An error occurred due to no connection. A connection is required when requesting metadata.


This design-time message indicates that SSIS Designer must connect to a data source to retrieve new or updated metadata for a source or destination, and that it is unable to connect to the data source.

The hexadecimal value for this error number is 0xC0202022.

Possible Causes

This message might appear because of one of the following problems:

  • You have disabled connections to data sources by enabling Work Offline from the SSIS menu in Business Intelligence Development Studio.

  • The data source is in fact offline, or the connection attempt has failed for another reason.

User Action

Enable connections to data sources by turning off the Work Offline option. Ordinarily, SSIS Designer tries to connect to each data source that is used by your package to validate the metadata associated with sources and destinations. You may have enabled Work Offline on the SSIS menu to prevent these connection attempts, and to prevent the validation errors that occur when the data sources are not available.