Remove Duplicates Dialog Box (Report Builder 1.0)

Depending on the subject of your report, you may want to keep or remove duplicate data items. For example, if customers have orders with products and you want to count the number of products per customer, you need to decide whether you want to count products purchased multiple times by the same customer or only count distinct products purchased per customer.

Use the Remove Duplicates dialog box to indicate that you want to keep all of the duplicate data or to remove some or all of the duplicate data. Each set of duplicate data is grouped by heading. The number of options below each heading group depends on the number of duplicates. To open the Remove Duplicates dialog box, you need to expand the formula in the Define Formula dialog box and click Remove duplicates of.


  • Keep all duplicates of <entity name> for each <entity name>
    Select to keep the existing duplicates for the specified entities. By default, this option is selected.

  • Remove duplicates of <entity name> for each <entity name>
    Select to remove the duplicates between the specified entities.