IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler Interface

Controls how the results of a drillthrough operation are displayed.

Namespace:  Microsoft.DataWarehouse.Interfaces
Assembly:  Microsoft.DataWarehouse.Interfaces (in Microsoft.DataWarehouse.Interfaces.dll)


Public Interface IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler
Dim instance As IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler
public interface IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler
public interface class IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler
type IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler =  interface end
public interface IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler


The IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler interface is for use by hosting applications, and enables the application to retrieve and present the results of a drillthrough operation on a data mining model.

For more information, see Using Drillthrough on Mining Models and Mining Structures (Analysis Services - Data Mining).