Administration (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Administering a data mining solution created in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services means managing instances where completed data mining solutions have been deployed, and managing instances where data mining objects are being developed and tested. Administration includes the following tasks:

  • Maintaining optimal security for both development and production instances.

  • Processing data mining objects.

  • Deploying data mining objects and their dependencies.

  • Backing up and restoring data mining objects.

  • Automating tasks such as processing and updating of data sources.

  • Managing packages that clean or update data.

  • Monitoring package tasks that perform predictions or update data.

  • Monitoring user activity within an Analysis Services instance.

The following topics provide more information about how to administer Analysis Services.



Managing Analysis Services Instances

Describes how to manage Analysis Services instances.

Managing Backing Up and Restoring (Analysis Services)

Describes how to backup and restore Analysis Services databases.

Exporting and Importing Data Mining Projects (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Describes how to move data mining objects between instances of Analysis Services by using Data Mining Extensions (DMX).

Processing Analysis Services Objects

Describes how to process Analysis Services objects.

Processing Data Mining Objects

Describes special considerations related to processing of data mining structures and data mining models.

Ending User Activity

Describes how end a user session or connection.