How Do I Browse By Job Role (Service Broker)

Service Broker has documentation for information workers, analysts, administrators, and developers. Use the topics in this section as a quick start into the documentation for your job role.

In This Section

  • Service Broker Developer InfoCenter
    In Service Broker, a developer designs and implements applications based upon the technology direction that is defined by the Service Broker architect, and the operational assistance of the Service Broker administrator. Developers that use Service Broker often have job titles such as Application Developer, Database Programmer, or Data Modeler.

  • Service Broker Architect InfoCenter
    In Service Broker, an architect decides which technology to use to achieve a particular business intelligence solution. The architect focuses on the interaction and interoperability of individual projects within a solution and individual solutions across the enterprise. As the solution-level decision maker, an architect provides vision and scope to projects within a solution, and is known by job titles such as Application Architect, Data Architect, or Enterprise Data Architect.

  • Service Broker Administrator InfoCenter
    In Service Broker, a database administrator installs Service Broker applications in databases, monitors application performance, and configures routing and security for Service Broker applications. Because these maintenance and optimization tasks are wide ranging, an administrator may be known by a variety of job titles, such as Database Administrator, Security Expert, or Lead Database Administrator.