Running Data Transformation Services (DTS) Packages

SQL Server 2008 provides optional management, run-time, and design-time support for SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages that were created by using the DTS tools and object model.


Data Transformation Services (DTS) is deprecated. For more information, see Data Transformation Services (DTS).

For more information about using DTS packages after installing SQL Server 2008, see the following topics:

Running DTS Packages

In SQL Server 2008, with Integration Services and the Backward Compatibility components installed, you can run DTS packages by any one of the following methods:

  • Use the Execute DTS 2000 Package task to run a DTS package from inside an Integration Services package. For more information, see Execute DTS 2000 Package Task.

  • Use the dtsrun utility (dtsrun.exe) to run a DTS package at the command prompt.

  • Use SQL Server Agent to run a DTS package by setting the job step to Operating system (CmdExec) and using the dtsrun utility to run the package.

In This Section

The topics in this section provide additional information about interoperability between Integration Services and DTS.

  • Setting DTS Application Properties
    Describes how to set certain properties that apply to all running DTS packages. These properties are not available through the SQL Server 2008 user interface.

  • Mapping dtsrun Options to dtexec Options
    Contains a table that maps options for the dtsrun utility to the options for the Integration Services dtexec (dtexec.exe) utility. You can use this information to convert DTS command lines to Integration Services command lines.

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