Cancel Report Server Jobs (Management Studio)

Use the Cancel Report Server Jobs dialog box to view or cancel in-progress reports. This dialog box shows all jobs that are currently running on the report server. Although you cannot pause or restart jobs that are currently processing, you can cancel all jobs or individual jobs if they are taking too long to complete.

You can cancel user jobs and system jobs.

  • A user job is any job that is initiated by an individual user. This includes running a report on-demand, manually creating a report history snapshot, or manually creating report execution snapshot. An in-progress standard subscription is also a user job.

  • A system job is one that is initiated by the report server. System jobs include scheduled report processing.

To open this page, start SQL Server Management Studio, connect to a report server, right-click Jobs, and then click Cancel All Jobs. You can also open Jobs, right-click a job that is running on the report server, and select Cancel Job(s).

Before cancelling a job, you can view its properties to determine when the job started. For more information, see Job Properties (Management Studio).


This feature is not supported in SQL Server Express with Advanced Services. The page does not appear when you are running SQL Server Express.


  • Name
    Shows the name of the report. Subscriptions are identified by their descriptions.

  • Type
    Valid values are User and System.

  • Start Time
    Shows when the job started.

  • User Name
    For jobs that are initiated by a user, this column shows the name of the user.

  • Status
    Shows the status of the job. Valid values are New and Running. Status is always New when the job begins. After 60 seconds, status changes to Running. You must refresh the page to pick up the change.

  • OK
    Cancel a single job or multiple jobs. The jobs are cancelled immediately and cannot be resumed. If you mistakenly cancel a job, you must request the report or subscription again to start a new job.