Axis Properties Dialog Box, Minor Tick Marks

Select Minor Tick Marks on the Axis Properties dialog box to define the appearance of tick marks on the specified axis.


  • Hide minor tick marks
    Hides minor tick marks on an axis. Major tick marks may still be shown.

  • Position
    Select the position of the tick mark.

    • Inside   Display the tick mark inside the chart area, above the axis line.

    • Outside   Display the tick mark outside of the chart area, below the axis line.

    • Cross   Display the tick mark so that it crosses the axis line, displaying both inside and outside the chart area.

  • Length
    Sets the length of the tick mark. To suppress minor tick marks, set Length to 0.

  • Line style
    Sets the style of the minor tick mark.

  • Line color
    Sets the color of the minor tick mark. To hide the tick marks, set the color to transparent.

  • Line width
    Sets the width of the minor tick mark.

  • Interval
    Sets the interval of a minor tick mark.

  • Interval type
    Select the interval type. This option is useful when there are dates or times on the axis. For example, if you want to specify monthly intervals on the axis, set Interval to 1 and Interval type to Months.