Calculated Series Properties Dialog Box, Fill

Select Fill on the Calculated Series Properties dialog box to define color and image options for this chart element.


  • Color
    Click the color button that you want to use as a color for the selected item. A larger example of the color is displayed in the Sample area. By default, White is selected. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression.

  • No color
    Select to make the background transparent.

  • Web
    Choose a color that is optimized for display in a Web browser.

  • Custom
    Type an RGB color value. For example, #FF0000 is Red.

  • Select the source of the picture
    Indicate where the picture is stored so that when the report is rendered, the report processor can display it. There are three options: Embedded in report, From a file or URL, and From a database.

  • Embedded in report
    Choose this option when you want to embed the picture in the item.

  • From a file or URL
    Choose this option to use a picture that is stored in a file on a report server or Web server.

  • From a database
    Choose this option when you want to include a database field name that represents the pictures that you want to include in the selected item.

  • Use this picture
    This option appears when you select the Embedded in report or From a file or URL option.

    If you are embedding the picture, choose the picture that you want to add to the report from the drop-down list. Click the Import button to add the picture to the drop-down list.

    If you select the From a file or URL option, type the URL of the picture. For a report published to a report server configured for native mode, use a full or relative path (for example, http://<servername>/images/image1.jpg). For a report published to a report server configured in SharePoint integrated mode, use a fully qualified URL (for example, http://<SharePointservername>/<site>/Documents/images/image1.jpg).

  • Import
    Add a picture to the Use this picture drop-down list.

  • Use this field
    This option appears if you select the From a database option. Select the field name.

  • Use this MIME type
    Choose the appropriate format of the pictures contained in the database (for example, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .png, and .x-png).