Options (Text Editor/Transact-SQL/IntelliSense)

The Options dialog box lets you change the IntelliSense settings for the Database Engine Query Editor. These settings are available when, on the Tools menu, you click Options, expand the Text Editor folder, expand the Transact-SQL folder, and then click Advanced.

Transact-SQL IntelliSense Settings

Specifies the IntelliSense options for the Database Engine Query Editor.

Enable IntelliSense

Enables the IntelliSense features. When this box is not selected, the specific IntelliSense options are unavailable. By default, this check box is selected.

  • Underline errors
    Identifies syntax and semantic errors in Transact-SQL statements in the query window. All errors and warnings appear in red. Errors and warnings are supported only for the Transact-SQL statements for which IntelliSense has been implemented. By default, this check box is selected.

  • Outline statements
    Enables the outlining feature when a file is opened. This creates collapsible blocks of Transact-SQL code. By default, this check box is selected.

  • Maximum script size
    Specifies the size at which IntelliSense functionality is disabled. If a script exceeds the specified size, a warning message is issued. All IntelliSense features, except color coding, are disabled for that editor window. IntelliSense is reenabled when enough text is deleted to reduce the script size to under the limit. Enabling IntelliSense for large script sizes can decrease performance on slow computers. The allowed sizes are 100 KB, 500 KB, 1 MB, 2 MB, and Unlimited. The default is 1 MB.

  • Casing for built-in function names
    Specifies whether the names of built-in Transact-SQL functions that are included in completion lists use uppercase letters, such as DATEADD; or lowercase letters, such as dateadd. Select the option that best matches the Transact-SQL coding conventions that you are using.