Package Essentials

A package is the object that implements Integration Services functionality to extract, transform, and load data. You create a package by using the SSIS Designer in BI Development Studio. You can also create a package by running the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard or the Integration Services Connections Project Wizard. For more information, see Designing Packages in Business Intelligence Development Studio and Creating a Package by Running a Wizard.

A basic package includes the following elements:

  • Control flow elements
    These required elements perform various functions, provide structure, and control the order in which elements run. The main control flow elements are tasks, containers, and precedence constraints. There must be at least one control flow element in a package.

    For more information, see Control Flow Elements.

  • Data flow elements
    These optional elements extract data, modify data, and load data into data sources. The main data flow elements are sources, transformations, and destinations. There does not have to be any data flow elements in package.

    For more information, see Data Flow Elements.

For an example of how to create a basic package, see Lesson 1: Creating the Project and Basic Package.

For a video that demonstrates how to create a basic package, see Creating a Basic Package (SQL Server Video).

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