Connecting to Report Data

Before you can begin to build your report, you must create at least one data source definition. A data source definition provides details about how to connect to an underlying data source, such as a SQL Server relational database, an Analysis Services database, or an Oracle database. The data source definition specifies the data source type, a connection string, and credentials. Each type of data source requires different connection information. Data source definitions can be saved to a report server and managed as separate files or embedded in the report definition.

After you create a data source, you must create at least one dataset. A dataset specifies the fields from the data source that you plan to use in the report, as well as calculated fields that you create. A dataset contains the query and field information, a pointer to the data source definition, query parameters, and data options that include character sensitivities including case, kana type, width, accent, and collation information.

In This Section

  • Creating a Report Data Source
    Provides information on the types of data sources and how to create them.

  • Creating a Report Dataset
    Provides information on how to create datasets, including detailed information about the query builders available for different data sources, working with fields, and using extended field properties.

  • How-to Topics
    Provides step-by-step instructions for connecting to data sources, creating datasets, registering data providers, and other tasks associated with accessing data.