How to: Create or Manage a Schedule for Incremental Populations of a Full-Text Index (SQL Server Management Studio)

To create or manage a schedule for an incremental population

  1. In Object Explorer, expand the server.

  2. Expand Databases, and then expand the database that contains the full-text index.

  3. Expand Tables.

Right-click the table on which the full-text index is defined, select Full-Text index, and on the Full-Text index context menu, click Properties. This opens the Full-text index Properties dialog box.

  1. In the Select a page pane, select Schedules.

    Use this page to create or manage schedules for a SQL Server Agent job that starts an incremental table population on the base table or indexed view of the full-text index.


    If the base table or view does not contain a column of the timestamp data type, a full population is performed.

    The options are as follows:

    • To create a new schedule, click New.

      This opens the New Full-Text Indexing Table Schedule dialog box, where you can create a schedule. To save the schedule, click OK. For information about this dialog, see New Full-Text Indexing Table Schedule.


      A SQL Server Agent job (Start Incremental Table Population on database_name.table_name) is associated with a new schedule after you exit the Full-Text Index Properties dialog box. If you create multiple schedules for the full-text index, they all use the same job.

    • To change a schedule, select it and click Edit.

      This opens the New Full-Text Indexing Table Schedule dialog box, where you can modify the schedule.


      For information about modifying a job, see How to: Modify a Job (SQL Server Management Studio).

    • To remove a schedule, select it and click Delete.

  2. Click OK.