Basic Cache Methods (Velocity)

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Microsoft project code named "Velocity" provides the DataCache object for you to work with the cache in your application code. The following table describes some of the DataCache methods that are used for basic cache operations. For more information about how to use some of these methods, see Using Basic Cache Methods (Velocity).

Method Description


Adds a new object to the cache. Add throws an exception if the item already is located in the cache.


Adds a new object to the cache or replaces one if it already is located in the cache.


Returns an object from the cache.


Removes an object from the cache.


Creates a named region on the cache. Objects added to a region are guaranteed to be located physically on a single cache host.


Clears the named region and removes all cached objects from it.


Deletes a named region. All cached objects inside the region are also removed together with the region itself.


Resets the timeout value which determines when objects will be expired in the cache. For more information, see Expiration and Eviction (Velocity).

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