Finding, Saving, and Managing Reports (Report Builder 2.0)

In Report Builder 2.0, you can browse folders on a report server to find reports, shared data sources, models, and other related report items that are available on a report server. When you save a report on a report server, the report definition, the data sources, and the parameters are all saved and stored independently. A report that is saved to a report server is known as a published report. You can also browse to and save reports on the file system.

To select a report on a report server, you must provide a report server URL. For more information, see Report Servers and SharePoint Report Servers (Report Builder 2.0).

After you a publish a report, you can modify parameter settings, choose different data sources, create linked reports, create snapshots, report histories, cached reports, and subscriptions. You must have the correct permissions on the report server to perform these tasks. Permissions are granted by the report server administrator.

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