How to: Change an Item Within a Cell (Report Builder 2.0)

Only a non-container item, such as a text box, line, or image, can be replaced by a new report item. For example, you can drag a table into a text box to replace the text box with a table.

If the cell contains a container item such as a rectangle, list, table, or matrix, the new item is added to the containing item instead of replacing it. To replace a container item with a new item, delete the container. Deleting the container item replaces it with a text box, which you can then replace with another item.

By default, all cells in a table, matrix, or list data region contain a text box.

To change an item within a cell

  1. On the Insert tab, in the Data Regions or Report Items group, click the item that you want to add to the report, and then click the report. The item is added to the report.

  2. Drag the item to the cell to replace its existing contents.