How to: Add, Change, or Delete a Report Parameter (Report Builder 2.0)

A report parameter provides a way to choose report data, connect related reports together, and vary the report presentation. You can provide a default value and a list of available values, and the user can change the selection.

After you publish a report, you can change the default values, the available values, and other properties for a report parameter on the report server. You can provide multiple sets of default parameter values by creating linked reports. For more information, see "Setting Parameter Properties for a Published Report" in the Reporting Services documentation in SQL Server Books Online.

To add or edit a report parameter

  1. In the Report Data pane, right-click the Parameters node and click Add Parameter. The Report Parameter Properties dialog box opens.

  2. In Name, type the name of the parameter or accept the default name.

  3. In Prompt, type the text that appears next to the parameter text box when the user runs the report.

  4. In Data type, select the data type for the parameter value.

  5. If the parameter can contain a blank value, select Allow blank value.

  6. If the parameter can contain a null value, select Allow null value.

  7. To allow a user to select more than one value for the parameter, select Allow multiple values.

  8. Set the visibility option.

    • To show the parameter on the toolbar at the top of the report, select Visible.

    • To hide the parameter so that it does not display on the toolbar, select Hidden.

    • To hide the parameter and protect it from being modified on the report server after the report is published, select Internal. The report parameter can then only be viewed in the report definition. For this option, you must set a default value or allow the parameter to accept a null value.

  9. Click OK.

To delete a report parameter

  1. In the Report Data pane, expand the Parameters node.

  2. Right-click the report parameter and click Delete.

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