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The Publisher failed to allocate a new set of identity ranges for the subscription. This can occur when a Publisher or a republishing Subscriber has run out of identity ranges to allocate to its own Subscribers or when an identity column data type does not support an additional identity range allocation. If a republishing Subscriber has run out of identity ranges, synchronize the republishing Subscriber to obtain more identity ranges before restarting the synchronization. If a Publisher runs out of identity ranges, verify that the size of the data type supports the needed identity ranges.


The merge process failed. This could have occurred because either the top-level Publisher or republisher could not allocate a new range. In the Publisher case, the Publisher's identity range allocation could not be increased. This is because the range needed to allocate exceeds the maximum or minimum value allowed for the data type. In the republisher case, the republisher has run out of the republishing range for allocation.

User Action

To allocate a new republishing range, run the merge between the republisher and the top-level Publisher to allocate more range to the republisher. If the Publisher runs out of range, evaluate the data type used for the identity column.