DataCache.CreateRegion Method

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Creates a region and specifies if resident objects may be evicted.

Namespace: Microsoft.Data.Caching
Assembly: ClientLibrary (in clientlibrary.dll)


Public Sub CreateRegion ( _
    region As String, _
    evictionOn As Boolean _
Dim instance As DataCache
Dim region As String
Dim evictionOn As Boolean

instance.CreateRegion(region, evictionOn)
public void CreateRegion (
    string region,
    bool evictionOn
void CreateRegion (
    String^ region, 
    bool evictionOn
public void CreateRegion (
    String region, 
    boolean evictionOn
public function CreateRegion (
    region : String, 
    evictionOn : boolean


  • region
    The name of the region that is created.
  • evictionOn
    True if objects in the region can be evicted.


For more information about regions, see Logical Model (Velocity).

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