Microsoft.Data.Caching Namespace

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The MIcrosoft.Data.Caching namespace provides access to an in-memory application cache application for developing scalable, high-performance applications. This namespace can be used to cache any common language runtime (CLR) object and provides access through simple APIs.


  Class Description
Public class DataCache The object that is used by cache-enabled applications for storing and retrieving objects from the cache cluster. An instance of this object is referred to as the cache client.
Public class DataCacheErrorCode A static class used to store global error codes.
Public class DataCacheException Used for cache-related exceptions.
Public class DataCacheFactory Provides methods to return DataCache objects that are mapped to a named cache. This class also enables programmatic configuration of the cache client.
Public class DataCacheItem Used to retrieve all information associated with the cached object in the cluster.
Public class DataCacheItemVersion Used to represent the version of a cached object.
Public class DataCacheLockHandle The structure used as a key to lock and unlock cached objects in a pessimistic concurency scenario.
Public class DataCacheLogSink Used to specify an individual log sink.
Public class DataCacheNotificationDescriptor Identifies a cache notification callback. This identifier is required to remove the corresponding cache notification callback.
Public class DataCacheServerEndpoint Used to specify an individual cache host when programmatically configuring the cache client.
Public class DataCacheSessionStoreProvider A session storage provider that enables Web applications to store session-state data to a distributed cache system.
Public class DataCacheTag Represents an optional string-based identifier that you can associate with a cached object.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate DataCacheFailureNotificationCallback Specifies the parameters required for a method to be invoked by a failure notification when the cache client misses cache notifications.
Public delegate DataCacheNotificationCallback Specifies the parameters required for a method to be invoked by a cache notification.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DataCacheLocalCacheSyncPolicy Specifies the way locally cached objects should be invalidated.
Public enumeration DataCacheOperation An enumeration used to specify specific item or region events that can trigger a cache notification.
Public enumeration DataCacheSinkType Used to specify the type of log sink used to trace events on the cache client.