Understanding SSIS Data Flow Buffers (SQL Server Video)

Applies to: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

Authors: Bob Bojanic, Microsoft Corporation

Length: 00:11:44

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Video Summary

This video looks at the memory buffers that transfer data to the data flow of an Integration Services package. The video includes the following items:

  • Demonstration of a simple package that shows you how Integration Services divides the data along the data flow paths and how buffers carry data along those paths.

    This simple package performs the following operations:

    • Data extraction

    • Character mapping

    • Creation of new columns by using a synchronous transformation

    • Multicasting

    • Sorting by using a blocking (asynchronous) transformation.

  • Design guidelines for building and maintaining the data flow of a package.

Video Acknowledgements

Thank you to Thomas Kejser for contributing to the material for the series, SSIS: Designing and Tuning for Performance SQL Server Video Series. This video is the third in the series.

Thank you to Carla Sabotta and Douglas Laudenschlager for their guidance and valuable feedback.

Video Technical Notes


Technical notes are selected excerpts from the video.

You can improve the performance of the package data flow by doing the following tasks:

To learn more about how to improve the performance of the data flow, watch the video, Tuning Your SSIS Package Data Flow in the Enterprise (SQL Server Video).

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