How to: Upgrade an Instance of Analysis Services

You can upgrade an existing instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services and, as part of the upgrade process, migrate existing databases from the old instance to the new instance. To upgrade, run Setup and specify the name of the existing instance as the name of the new instance.


The Analysis Services upgrade and migration how-to topics focus only on upgrade and migration options that are specific to Analysis Services. However, these topics provide links to other topics for more information about installation of SQL Server.

To upgrade an instance of Analysis Services

  1. Run Setup either by using the SQL Server Installation Wizard or at the command prompt. For more information about how to run Setup by using the SQL Server Installation Wizard, see How to: Install Analysis Services by Using Setup.

  2. When you use the SQL Server Installation Wizard, select Default Instance on the Instance Name page. To confirm the presence of the SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services instance, you can click the Installed Instances button. When you run Setup at the command prompt, use the instancename option to specify the name of an existing instance of SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. Because SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services does not support named instances, the name of the existing instance is usually the name of the server.