Replication Properties

After you configure replication, you can view and modify properties specified in the wizards by using the properties dialog boxes, which are available for the Publisher, the Distributor, Subscribers, publications, articles, and subscriptions. Some publication and article property changes require that a new snapshot be generated and/or that subscriptions be reinitialized. For more information, see Changing Publication and Article Properties.

Publisher and Distributor Properties

After you have configured a Distributor and enabled Publishers using the Configure Distribution Wizard or programming interfaces, view and modify settings using the Publisher Properties - <Publisher> and Distributor Properties - <Distributor> dialog boxes.

To view or modify Publisher and Distributor properties

Publication Properties

After you have created a publication using the New Publication Wizard or programming interfaces, view and modify settings using the Publication Properties - <Publication> and Article Properties - <Article> dialog boxes. Some options can be specified only when the publication is created; some cannot be changed if there are active subscriptions for the publication; and some changes require a reinitialization of subscriptions. For more information, see Maintaining Publications.

To view or modify publication and article properties

Subscription Properties

After you have created a push or pull subscription in the New Subscription Wizard or programming interfaces, you can view or modify properties in the Subscription Properties - <Publisher>: <PublicationDatabase> dialog box.

To view or modify subscription properties