How to: Add a Rectangle (Reporting Services)

Add a rectangle to your report when you want a graphical element to separate areas of the report, emphasize areas of a report, or provide a background for one or more report items. Rectangles are also used as containers to help control the way data regions render in a report. You can customize the appearance of a rectangle by editing rectangle properties such as the background and border colors.

To add a rectangle

  1. In Design view, in the Toolbox, double-click Rectangle. A rectangle object is placed in the upper left corner of the report. Alternatively, you can drag a Rectangle object from the Toolbox to the design surface.

  2. On the design surface, drag the object handles to the size you want the rectangle to be.

To create a container

  1. Add a Rectangle object to the report.

  2. Drag other report items into the rectangle.


    Dragging a rectangle around existing items does not automatically place the items within the rectangle. To place existing items in a rectangle, you must drag the items into the rectangle.