How to: Change Paper Size (Reporting Services)

When you print a report, you can specify the size of the paper to use. The size of the paper determines the number of pages in a report and which report data fits on each page. Paper size affects only reports that are rendered with hard page-break renders: PDF, Image, and Print. Setting the paper size has no effect on other renderers. For more information, see Understanding Rendering Behaviors.

From the report viewer toolbar in Report Manager or in preview in Report Designer, you can export a report to a hard page-break renderer or click the Print button to print a copy of the report. You might need to set the paper size or other page setup properties. Use the Report Properties dialog box to change page setup properties, including paper size.

For more information about report paging, see Understanding Pagination in Reporting Services.

To change paper size

  1. Right-click outside of the report body and click Report Properties.

  2. In Page Setup, select a value from the Paper Size list. Each option populates the Width and Height properties. You can also specify a custom size by typing numeric values in the Width and Height boxes. Click OK.


    Size values have a default unit based on the user's locale settings. To designate a different unit, type a physical unit designator such as cm, mm, pt, or pc after the numeric value.