Configuring Report History Properties

Report history consists of a series of snapshots of the same report that are created over time. You can set properties on report history to determine how it is created and to limit the number of report snapshots that are stored. You can set properties at the server level or for individual reports:

  • Server properties for report history determine default values that set an upper limit on how many snapshots can be stored in report history. The values apply to all reports that use default settings.

  • Report-specific properties for report history override the default values that are set at the server level. In addition to report history storage limits, you can set properties that determine how report history is created.

Raising and Lowering Report History Limits

You can raise and lower report history limits to specify how many report snapshots are kept in report history. Because report snapshot size can vary dramatically, there are no guidelines for specifying a size limit. You can modify report history limits at any time. When report history reaches the maximum limit, older snapshots are removed as new snapshots are added. If you lower the report history limit, the report server deletes older snapshots to conform to lowered limits.

Configuring Properties to Automate Report History

To set report history properties, use Report Manager. Global properties that apply to the report server as a whole are limited to specifying a limit on how many snapshots are retained. For any given report, you can set properties on the History properties page that determine how report history is generated. You can set any or all of the following options:

  • To allow users to generate report snapshots manually, click Allow history to be created manually. Enabling this option causes the New Snapshot button to appear on the History page. Users can click the button to create new snapshots.

  • To store copies of report execution snapshots, click Store all report execution snapshots in history. A report execution snapshot is similar to a report history snapshot in composition, except that it is refreshed at scheduled intervals (rather than preserved indefinitely). Clicking this option allows you to maintain all copies of a report execution snapshot that are created.

  • To add report snapshots to report history automatically, click Use the following schedule to add snapshots to report history and then define a schedule that captures report history snapshots at specific days and times.