How to: Import Reports from Microsoft Access (Reporting Services)

In Report Designer, you can import reports from a Microsoft Access database or project. Access 2002 or a later version must be installed on the same computer on which Report Designer is installed.

To import reports from Microsoft Access

  1. Open or create a project into which to import the reports.

  2. On the Project menu, point to Import Reports, and then click Microsoft Access. Alternatively, right-click the project in Solution Explorer, point to Import Reports, and then click Microsoft Access.

  3. In the Open dialog box, select the Access database (.mdb, .accdb) or project (.adp) that contains the reports, and then click Open. All the reports in the database or project file are imported and listed in the Reports folder in Solution Explorer.

  4. Check the Task List window for build errors. To view the Task List window, open the View menu, point to Other Windows, and then click Task List.


    Reporting Services does not support all Access report objects. Items that are not converted are displayed in the Task List window.