Filtering Data in a Report

In Reporting Services, you can filter report data before or after it is retrieved for a report. Report data is the set of datasets in the report. To filter data before it is retrieved, change the query for each dataset. When you filter data in the query, you filter data at the data source, which reduces the amount data that needs to be retrieved and processed in a report. To filter data after it is retrieved, create filter expressions in the report. You can set filter expressions for a dataset, a data region, or a group, including detail groups. You can also include parameters in filter expressions, providing a way to filter data for specific values or for specific users, for example, filtering on a value that identifies the user viewing the report.

When you include parameters that filter data, you have additional options that you can specify for a published report:

The method or combination of methods you choose depends on the capabilities of the data source, performance requirements, and your plan for report viewing after the report is published.

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