How to: Add a Line (Reporting Services)

You can add a line to your report when you want a graphical element to separate sections of the report. You can customize the appearance of the line by editing line properties, such as color or style. For example, you might want to incorporate company colors into the report.

To add a line

  1. Right-click the design surface, point to Insert, and click Line.

  2. On the design surface, select the line and move it to the desired location in the report.

  3. Select one side of the line and drag it to the right or left to adjust the line length. Drag the line up or down to change the slope of the line.

  4. To change the line properties, select the line on the design surface and then edit the properties in the Formatting toolbar.


    If you set the line style to Double and the line width is 1 1/2 pt or narrower, the line may not appear double when you run the report in Report Builder 2.0 or in Report Manager. It will appear double when you export the report to other formats such as Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF.