Using My Subscriptions

Report Manager includes a My Subscriptions page that organizes all of your subscriptions into one place. You can use My Subscriptions to view, modify, and delete existing subscriptions. However, you cannot use it to create subscriptions.

Within My Subscriptions, you can sort subscriptions by folder, report, description, trigger, last run, or status. All values are sorted alphabetically except for Last Run, which is in chronological order.

My Subscriptions shows only the subscriptions that you create. It does not list subscriptions that are owned by other users, even if you are added as a subscriber to those subscriptions, nor does it show data-driven subscriptions.

You cannot search for subscriptions by name, nor can you search for subscriptions based on trigger information, status information, and so forth. For more information, see Creating, Modifying, and Deleting Standard Subscriptions.

How to Use My Subscriptions

My Subscriptions is available through Report Manager. To access My Subscriptions, click My Subscriptions on the Report Manager global toolbar.