How to: Add a Bookmark to a Report (Reporting Services)

Add bookmarks and bookmark links to a report when you want to provide a customized table of contents or to provide customized internal navigation links in the report. Typically, you add bookmarks to locations in the report to which you want to direct users, such as to each table or chart or to the unique group values displayed in a table or matrix. You can create your own strings to use as bookmarks, or, for groups, you can set the bookmark to the group expression.

After you create bookmarks, you can add report items that the user can click to go to each bookmark. These items are typically text boxes or images.

For example, if your report displays a table grouped by color, you would add a bookmark based on the group expression to the group header. Then you would add a table with a single text box at the beginning of the report that displayed the color values, and set the bookmark link on that text box. When you click the color, the report jumps to the page that displays the group header row for that color.

You can add a bookmark to any report item and add a bookmark link to any item that has an Action property, for example, a text box, an image, or a calculated series in a chart. For more information, see the Action page topics in Report Designer F1 Help.

To add a bookmark

  1. In Design view,select the text box, image, chart, or other report item to which you want to add a bookmark. The properties for the selected item appear in the Properties pane.


    If y the Properties pane is not visible, click Properties Window on the View menu.

  2. In the text box next to Bookmark, type a string that is the label for this bookmark. Alternatively, click the expression (fx) button to open the Expression dialog box to specify an expression that evaluates to a label. For a group, the expression you type should be the group expression.


    The bookmark can be any string, but it must be unique in the report. If the bookmark is not unique, a link to the bookmark finds the first matching bookmark.

  1. In Design view, right-click the text box, image, chart, to which you want to add a link and then click Properties.

  2. In The Properties dialog box for that report item, click Action.

  3. Select Go to bookmark. An additional section appears in the dialog box for this option.

  4. In the Select bookmark box, type or select a bookmark or an expression that evaluates to a bookmark.

  5. Click OK.

  6. To test the link, run the report and click the report item that you set this link on. For text boxes, it is helpful to change the color and effect if the text to indicate to the user that the text is a link. For example, change the color to blue and the effect to underline by setting the Font properties in the Text Box Properties dialog box.