Granting Cube Access

By default, a database role in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services has no permissions to view any cubes in the database. However, an Analysis Services database role can be granted read or read/write permissions to a cube.

Setting Read or Read/Write Permission on a Cube

To grant read or read/write permissions to a database role, a user must be a member of the Analysis Services server role or a member of an Analysis Services database role that has Full Control (Administrator) permissions.

To give a database role access to a cube

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the instance of Analysis Services, expand Roles for the appropriate database in Object Explorer, and then click a database role (or create a new database role).

  2. Click Cubes in the Select a Page pane, select the cube in the Cube list, and then click Read or Read/Write in the Access list.

After a database role has been granted read or read/write permissions to a cube, database role members have read access to all cube cells unless permissions are specifically restricted on specific cells. If you want to grant write permission on specific cells in the cube to database role members, you must grant the database read/write permissions to the cube. For more information, see Granting Custom Access to Cell Data.


To grant users permission to create local cubes from a server cube or drillthrough permissions, specify either Drillthrough or Drillthrough and Local Cube.