Setting Properties on a Mining Model

You can adjust properties for mining models by using the Mining Models tab of Data Mining Designer.


After you change a property, you must reprocess the model for the changes to be reflected in the model. Reprocessing is required even if the change only involves metadata, such as adding a column alias or description.

The following table describes the properties that are specific to data mining that you can set in the Mining Models tab for mining models.




Sets the algorithm type for the mining model.


Sets values for algorithm parameters that are available for each algorithm type.


Sets a filter that is applied to the data that is used for training and testing the mining model. The filter definition is stored with the model and can be used optionally when you create prediction queries, or when you test the accuracy of the model.

The model filter is not optional when training the model.


Sets the name of the mining model.


Specifies whether drill through is enabled on the mining model.

You can set the following data mining-specific properties for each column in a mining model. You can set these properties to a different value for each mining model in a mining structure.




Describes the purpose of the mining column.


Sets the name of the mining model column. You can type a new name, to provide an alias for the mining model column.


Sets any algorithm-specific flags for the column.


Indicates the name of the mining structure column on which the model column is based.

This property is read-only.


Sets how the column will be used by the mining model.

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