Publication Type

Replication provides the following types of publications:

  • Snapshot publication

  • Transactional publication

  • Transactional publication with updatable subscriptions

  • Merge publication

Which type or types of replication you choose for your application depends on the physical replication environment, the type and quantity of data to be replicated, and whether or not data is updated at the Subscriber. The physical environment includes the number and location of computers involved in replication, and whether these computers are clients (workstations, laptops, or handheld devices) or servers. For more information, see Types of Replication Overview.


If you are running MicrosoftSQL Server 2000 Personal Edition or Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE), the options Transactional publication and Transactional publication with updatable subscriptions are not available. These editions do not permit the creation of transactional publications. However, you can still subscribe to transactional publications.


  • Publication type
    Select the appropriate replication type for this publication.