Reporting Services Login Dialog Box

Use the Reporting Services Login dialog box to provide credentials to publish reports to the report server.

  • Note   If this is the first time you have published a report to a report server since set you set the deployment property TargetServerURL for a project, verify that the server name you specified is similar to http://localhost/reportserver, and not http://localhost/reports. Specifying the reports directory on the local server instead of the reportserver directory indirectly causes this dialog box to open. For more information about setting TargetServerURL, see How to: Set Deployment Properties (Reporting Services).


  • Server
    Displays the name of the report server. For example, http://localhost/reportserver. For report servers that use a different port than default port 80, include the port number. For example, http://localhost:81/reportserver.

  • User name
    Type the user name to log in to the Web service.

  • Password
    Type the password to log in to the Web service.