Dimension Designer (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data)

Use Dimension Designer in Business Intelligence Development Studio to browse the data that the dimension contains, and to modify various properties of an existing dimension: attributes, hierarchies, levels, attribute relationships, and translations.

To display Dimension Designer

  • In Business Intelligence Development Studio, in Solution Explorer, use one of the following procedures procedures:

    • Right-click a dimension and then click Open or View Designer.


    • Double-click a dimension.


Dimension Designer contains the following pages:

  • Dimension Structure
    Use this page to view and modify the attributes, hierarchies, and levels in the dimension.

  • Attribute Relationships
    Use thispage to create, modify or delete the attribute relationships of the selected dimension.

  • Translations
    Use this page to view and modify translations associated with the dimension and its attributes, hierarchies, and levels.

  • Browser
    Use this page to browse the members of a hierarchy that the dimension contains.