Dataset Properties Dialog Box, Parameters

Select Parameters on the Dataset Properties dialog box to add, change, and delete query parameters, including query parameters that link to report parameters.

Whenever the query is changed on the query tab, Reporting Services identifies query parameters. For each query parameter that is identified, Reporting Services creates a report parameter with an identical case-sensitive name (without the beginning query parameter character, for example, @). By default, the query parameter is automatically added to the query parameter list and linked to the corresponding report parameter. You can change the default report parameter for the query parameter by setting the Value field of the query parameter to point to the name of a different report parameter that is the same data type as the query parameter.

If there are dependencies for the default values of one report parameter on another report parameter that is linked to a query parameter, the order of report parameters (as they appear in the Report Parameters Properties dialog box) is important. Report parameters later in the list can refer to report parameters earlier in the list. For more information about report parameters, see Adding Parameters to Your Report.


  • Add
    Add a new parameter to the list.

  • Delete
    Remove the selected parameter from the list.

  • Parameter name
    Type the name of a query parameter that you added to the dataset on the Query tab of the Dataset Properties dialog box.

  • Parameter value
    Enter a value for the query parameter. This can be a static value or an expression that refers to an object within the report, but it cannot refer to any report items or fields. By default, Value contains an expression that points to a report parameter.

  • Up arrow
    Move the selected parameter up in the list.

  • Down arrow
    Move the selected parameter down in the list.