Dataset Properties Dialog Box, Filters

Select Filters on the Dataset Properties dialog box to create filters for the dataset.


  • Add
    Add a new filter clause to the list.

  • Delete
    Delete the selected filter clause from the list.

  • Up arrow
    Move the selected filter up in the list.

  • Down arrow
    Move the selected filter down in the list

  • Expression
    Type or choose the expression to which you want to apply a filter. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression.

  • Data type
    Choose the data type for Value. When possible, choose a data type that matches the data type for Expression.

    The values in Expression and Value must evaluate to the same data type. For example, if Expression is set to a field that has the data type System.Int32 and Value is set to 7, from the drop-down list, choose Integer.

    If the data type option you need is not in the drop-down list, write an expression to convert the value to the correct data type. For more information, see Filter Equation Examples (Reporting Services).

  • Operator
    Choose the operator to use to compare the expression and the value.

  • Value
    Type the expression or value to use when evaluating the expression specified in the Expression box. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression.